Agile Product Management

How do companies best respond to changes in their markets? According to Scott Sehlhorst, agile is the key. Agile is not only a better way to develop products, but also a foundation for companies to develop a DNA that responds rapidly to changes in their markets. In this episode, Michael and Scott discuss how agile product management sets the foundation for more than just sound software development: it increases a business’ ability to adapt to changing conditions and helps the sales team react quickly to change.

Scott and Michael also discuss the importance of understanding the conversation ecosystem – the world where attention, permission and trust drive customer engagement. Gaining a deep understanding of the conversations people are having about your products is vital for success in today’s economy. They also discuss outside-in vs. inside-out software development. Focus on the problems being solved and for whom they are being solved, and use that information to identify other problems those people are facing. That will potentially open up a new world of opportunity.

You can read more about agile product management, the conversation ecosystem and other great topics on Scott’s blog Tyner Blain.

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#1 Scott Sehlhorst on 10.09.09 at 2:08 pm

Thanks again for the great conversation! I really enjoyed speaking with you – and I hope some of your listeners chime in to carry on our conversation. Would love to hear what others are thinking on this stuff….

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