Elevate Your Presentation

The ability to make your point, and make it powerfully and effectively is key to being a successful product manager. In this episode Michael talks with Dave Gunby about the importance of solid presentation and communication skills. Dave tells how the first time he gave a public presentation he “failed miserably.” He rebounded from that experience to become a thought leader in business communication.

To improve your ability to present effectively, practice the following:

  • Always have speaker notes to which you can refer
  • Finish your thought, then repeat it for emphasis
  • Move with a purpose; work on a specific and purposeful stance
  • Paint the picture with your hands
  • Practice, practice, practice.

Dave and Michael also discuss idea mapping, a method of capturing thoughts and ideas in a way that more closely reflects the way our brains remember things. The technique is useful in preparing successful presentations.

To learn more about successful presentation skills check out MINDimensions.com where you will find Dave’s contact information, and where you can sign up for his monthly newsletters.

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